Robot Line-up in Leonards Bedroom -

Robot Line-up in Leonards Bedroom

06 Sep 2012
Robot Line-up in Leonards Bedroom - 4.3 out of 5 based on 10 votes

big bang theory tv robot lineup line up line-up posterOne particular artist that seems to pop up around Sheldon and Leonard's apartment alot is Eric Joyner.

You can see his very sought after picture that people often describe at the "Robot Line-up" pic, but is actually called "Caught Again". It shows an assembly of some of Eric Joyner's most infamous robots that he uses throughout all of his artwork, some being old Japanese tin robots. They are often fighting their arch enemy, aka "The Giant Donuts". There's an epic battle raging on Earth's mirror planet somewhere in a distant land.

The donuts and tin robots are locked in some sort of ongoing sugar/ oil conflict. I'm thinking these robots were unfortunately caught and put through the system before going to work in the factories making more donuts for their enemy, thus, growing the donuts army to help crush the robot clan?!

Another Eric Joyner Poster thats in Leonards room, is the Godzilla Poster "Just Another Day in L.A.". Its kinda an amalgam of Godzilla, King Kong, Star Trek with flying saucers and of course Joyner trademark Tin robots and Giant Donuts.
Both of these painting can be found in Eric Joyner's book "Robots and Donuts". He does sell many of his prints separately but at this moment, these particular too arnt.

You can however buy the Red Boxing Robot "Rockem-Sockem" poster, separately without buying the book. You can see this prop in the Sheldon and Leonard's Living Room on a back door.

Artist Eric Joyner enjoyed a rather uneventful childhood in the rather unremarkable town of San Mateo, California, in the 1970s. Like many kids of that time, he enjoyed reading comics, playing sports, and making gunpowder… yes, gunpowder. Remember, this was the 1970s and kids were doing all sorts of dangerous things back then, and nobody ever blinked an eye.And, as if guided by the unseen hand of an all-knowing consciousness (but probably not Jesus), during his very young life, Joyner was taken to a Van Gogh exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. This experience greatly impressed the child, and he soon began taking painting lessons with his older sister.After high school, Joyner attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Later, under the influential teaching of Francis Livingston, Kazuhiko Sano, Bill Sanchez, and Robert Hunt, his work greatly improved and he began to work professionally as an artist.For the next decade, Joyner was a hired gun for various publishers, high-tech companies, and advertising agencies; he also was a digital animator, and provided other artistic services for a variety of companies, before rediscovering his original love of drawing and painting, and returning to that medium.

Robot Line up Poster " Caught Again"
By Artist Eric Joyner


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